Quick facts about the book

With this book, we hope to shorten the learning curve and ease your growing pains on the journey toward greater Sitecore maturity. This book’s design was inspired by our hope that you, much like the mature gentleman on the cover, use the book's tips and best practices to reach new heights of Sitecore maturity.
Produced by Sitecore experts

This book is written by many of our 16 Sitecore MVPs and our 250+ Sitecore experts

Experience from 1000+ Sitecore implementations

This book distills our most valuable learnings from over a thousand implementations

Driving ROI and business value

This book is written to help you achieve business success with Sitecore

Tailored to beginners and experts

Articles cover everything from basic concepts to advanced marketing and development techniques

Written for marketers and developers

Whatever your Sitecore focus,
you will find insightful tips
you can put to use

15+ years of Sitecore expertise

This book shares a wealth of Sitecore experience in the form of tips and best practices


    Unlock value in your Sitecore investment to evolve your digital maturity

    As a Sitecore Global Platinum Partner, we believe in sharing our knowledge to help Sitecore customers unlock the greatest value from their investment in Sitecore. Whether your team are beginners or seasoned Sitecore experts, our aim is to support your organization in progressing up the Sitecore Customer Experience Maturity Ladder to Sitecore success.



“My marketing science practice focuses on measuring, optimizing and personalizing the digital experience and driving more value from data and analytics for clients.”

Amanda Shiga
VP, Marketing Science at Valtech, Sitecore MVP, Ottawa


“Over the last 9 years as a Sitecore MVP, I have overseen teams responsible for more than 200 content management deployments.”

Glen McInnis
VP, Technology and Solution Delivery, Sitecore MVP, Ottawa


“As an advocate of UX and customer-centric design, I have been creating digital experiences for over 17 years in a range of sectors.”

Dominic Hurst
UX/UR Consultant, Sitecore MVP, Manchester


“With expertise in Sitecore XP, I seek to identify key opportunities to achieve clients’ business objectives using data analytics, and put them into action through tactical, measurable strategies.”

Blair Roebuck
Marketing Analyst, Toronto


“My articles combine technical skill and user friendly formatting to provide guided instruction on working with Sitecore.”

Grant Bartlett
Director, Delivery, Sitecore MVP, Ottawa


“I am passionate about creating efficient processes, aligning with the client's company vision and taking an outside-in approach to create excellent products and services.”

Harpreet Rana
Senior Development Manager, Sitecore MVP, Ottawa


“My experience and background allow me to help clients from UX strategy to client-side development.”

Manoel dos Santos
Front End Team Lead, Florianópolis


“Working with Sitecore since 2007, I have enjoyed challenging the boundaries of Sitecore and have always been a keen member of the Sitecore community.”

Nick Allen
Sr. Solution Architect, London


“I have two decades of leadership experience in the development of online marketing strategies, applying a combination of business acumen, technical knowledge and marketing insight to client challenges.”

Randy Woods
SVP, Service Strategy, Toronto


“As a Sitecore MVP for 9 years, I have been involved in large-scale global Sitecore solutions, as well as Sitecore product improvements and testing. I also enjoy contributing to the Sitecore community.”

Sebastian Winslow
Technical Director, Sitecore MVP, Copenhagen


“I apply over a decade of experience championing user experience and content strategy best practices to help medium to large organizations envision, design and implement their websites.“

Tannis Gibson
UX Consultant, Edmonton


“I enjoy sharing my knowledge with the Sitecore community by writing how-to articles and participating in Sitecore user groups.”

Vinicius Deschamps
System Administrator, Sitecore MVP, Florianópolis


  • About Valtech and Sitecore

    What is the Sitecore Valtech Advantage? Our Sitecore expertise covers 5 continents and many industries, tapping into over 3000+ Sitecore implementations and over 300+ Sitecore experts. As a Sitecore Platinum Implementation partner we have access to the top echelons of the company, enabling us to participate in global leadership briefings and be involved in early release programs.

    Our Sitecore portfolio includes clients such as Heineken, Lego, L'Oréal, Bluegarden, Bupa Global, Jabra and many more.